Worst Read Wednesday: A Confederacy of Dunces

Well, I apologize for not posting this yesterday; my internet was not working!  Anyway, welcome to Worst Read Wednesday in which I talk about a book that I really did not like or did not fall for its insane hype.  Worst Read Wednesdays are a part of my Daily Post; to learn more about it, click here.


A Confederacy of Dunces is an American comic masterpiece. John Kennedy Toole’s hero is one Ignatius J. Reilly, “huge, obese, fractious, fastidious, a latter-day Gargantua, a Don Quixote of the French Quarter. His story bursts with wholly original characters, denizens of New Orleans’ lower depths, incredibly true-to-life dialogue, and the zaniest series of high and low comic adventures” (Henry Kisor, Chicago Sun-Times)-Goodreads summary

Last semester, I took a class, American Literature since 1945, and this was one of the books that we had to read.  While I was slightly perturbed by the cover and summary, my professor assured me that this book was exceptional and quite comedic.  However, I found this book to be a complete bore.

Primarily, I found the main character, Ignatius J. Reilly, to be one of the worst in literary history.  First, he is an oversized brat.  He was 30 years-old but still lived and fully depended on his mother’s care; Ignatius could do nothing for himself, which led him to nag and whine about how despicable every other character was in the novel.  Second, he did not develop, even in the slightest, as a character in the novel.  The book began with Ignatius as a brat and ended with him as a brat.  He had no motivation to change or become a better person.  Rather, his obsessions with being superior over others drove the other characters and me absolutely insane.

Additionally, I found that the novel had no purpose.  I could not (and still cannot) appoint any specific rising actions, climax, or resolution in the book.  In general this book was kind of like picking up some insignificant person’s diary and reading 300+ pages of their monotonous life.

I know many people hail A Confederacy of Dunces as a classic and is favored by many, but it just was not for me.

*What are some of your least favorite books?*

Happy reading!


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