Book Review: Slice of Cherry

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Kit and Fancy Cordelle are sisters of the best kind: best friends, best confidantes, and best accomplices. The daughters of the infamous Bonesaw Killer, Kit and Fancy are used to feeling like outsiders, and that’s just the way they like it. But in Portero, where the weird and wild run rampant, the Cordelle sisters are hardly the oddest or most dangerous creatures around.

It’s no surprise when Kit and Fancy start to give in to their deepest desire—the desire to kill. What starts as a fascination with slicing open and stitching up quickly spirals into a gratifying murder spree. Of course, the sisters aren’t killing just anyone, only the people who truly deserve it. But the girls have learned from the mistakes of their father, and know that a shred of evidence could get them caught. So when Fancy stumbles upon a mysterious and invisible doorway to another world, she opens a door to endless possibilities….-Goodreads summary

Judge the Book by its Cover:

  • The cover is eerie and relates to major points in the plot.  I love it!

Things that Made Me Happy:

  • I am oddly obsessed with the psychology of killers.  I like how this book attempted to provide a fictionalized account of the psych of two young serial killers, who are the daughters of an infamous serial killer.  Totally awesome!

Things that Made Me Unhappy:

  • The paranormal elements in this book are utterly random and make no sense.  Suddenly, the book springs fairy rings, magical doors, and creepy monsters on its readers with no explanation.  In my opinion, a majority of these paranormal elements were unnecessary and were Reeves’s attempt to join the “YA Paranormal Bandwagon” and miserably executing this.
  • This point leads to the horrid development and explanation of the plot and town.  As previously stated, there is no reasoning behind these magical and monstrous elements of the plot.  Additionally, Reeves does not attempt to explain the city of Portero and its significance to the story.  Frequently, the plot references Portero’s infestation of monsters but offers no explanations.  For example, do others know of Portero’s problems?  How did these magical elements come to be?  How do they cope with this?  etc.  Too many questions, and Reeves gives no effort to explain anything.  Seriously.  I have never read a book where there was so little of an attempt to create a plot.
  • Quickly, the sisters find boys.  Suddenly, their brains are rewired, and killing loses its appeal.  I’m sorry, what?  Sure, girls and guys will sometimes change when in a relationship, but these girls did a total unrealistic 180.  Sadly, the romance overtook and really destroyed the plot.
  • There is no real problem, solution, or climax in this story.  It is rather uneventful and monotonous.  I kept reading with the hope that a problem would arise and a climax would follow, but there is nothing.  This lack of story development made the overall plot inconsistent and painful to read.  The story had potential and was such a letdown for me!

My Rating:

★★ 2/5 stars!


I’d recommend this book to those who enjoy young adult fiction, horror, fantasy, and paranormal/supernatural novels.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Slice of Cherry

    • The cover goes well beyond the synopsis! The two girls are emerging into adulthood. One sister, Fancy, has difficulties coping with growing older and change. Frequently, Reeves mentions the tea set in the sisters’ room, which reflects their incomplete abandonment of childhood. It’s totally an overused reference in the book. The first few times, I enjoyed Reeves subtle points, but it quickly got annoying! The blood is obviously for the murders they commit.
      OH! These boys….I HATED them. They were so weird, fickle, and never fully developed. One chapter they were personality type A, the next chapter they were personality type B. It was SO annoying!

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